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So there John Boy David

How do you like THEM apples? I would call you sir but that would be disparaging to those who actually do act like gentlemen and are worthy of such honorifics. Instead John David you have clearly demonstrated that you are indeed swine as you have so clearly stated in your failed attempts at showing intellectual superiority and moral forthrightness by using memes or quotes as found on the Internet.

Since John David has remained in violation of the GPL and has not fulfilled the requirements of the GPL by distributing the source code as both myself and others have clearly demanded here and else where ... I only have this to say to John David for now until more evidence comes to light or he abides by the GPL and publishes the source code to the Hamvoip distribution of the app_rpt.c and associated AllStarLink programs:

Child you had best quit writing checks with your alligator mouth that your mosquito ass can't cash. This here is the real world and children such as yourself are liable to get hurt. Shall I find you a SAFE SPACE so that you can go have a timeout and not feel threatened or bullied when irrefutable facts are presented to counter the fecal matter you constantly spew from that shit hole you call a mouth? Or do you still want to show the world how well you play the fool and give us something to laugh at over tomorrow morning's coffee and pastry?