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>Updated 12 September 2018

Since someone decided to engage in censorship and removed my post from — This is a verbatim reposting here.

I have been gilded for this and my GPL post under evidence! Thank you kind souls!


This post shall be used to track all the other various posts that we are seeing here regarding the spats, comments, deflections, ad hominem attacks, use of Juris Doctorates obtained from Google University, and the conclusions arrived at and poignant questions surrounding the Hamvoip derivative distribution of AllStarLink.


Hamvoip has been distributing a derivative of the GPL licensed app_rpt.c and associated programs copyrighted by the late Jim Dixon (WB6NIL) for quite some time. Repeated requests for the Hamvoip people to release the source code as required by the GPL have been unsuccessful and in most cases met with heavy resistance and/or flat out attacks.

Hamvoip consists of John David McGough (KB4FXC), Doug Crompton (WA3DSP) and John David's company of Inttek ( as it provides many of the resources Hamvoip is using.

To date the source code of the Hamvoip derivative of app_rpt.c and associated AllStarLink programs HAS NOT been released as required by the GPL. Instead we have witnessed a very embarrassing public spectacle by John David and others as they stand by the indefensible claim that they do not need to release their derivative code and that the GPL license on app_rpt.c and associated AllStarLink programs is invalid. To date no definitive, irrefutable evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt has been presented by the Hamvoip folks regarding this claim.

Updated 04 September 2018

Message from Steve RoDgers, WA6ZFT announcing Jim's passing and the status of AllStarLink

Update from Steve Zingman, N4IRS regarding the transition

Updated 30 August 2018

Post history

Initial post – AllStarLink Changes

Second post – Asterisk, AllStarLink and the curious case of the GPL

Third post – Hamvoip users – BEWARE!

Retort by Hamvoip to their closed and highly moderated mailing list – HamVoIP statement for Reddit and Facebook accusations

Mailing list retort posted to Reddit – HamVoiP statement for all AllStar Link Network users

Me picking apart the Mailing list retort before it appeared on Reddit. I later replied to the Reddit posting of it with a link to my original reply.

Updated 08 September 2018

Replies by John David McGough (KB4FXC) or ones that are attributed to him under what are newly created burner accounts:

New items in this section shall appear here. Old items will be moved up as updates to this section occur.

State of affairs for AllStarLink, Hamvoip, the GPL and this subreddit From

Cicero wrote in his Dialogue, De Oratore that “speech matters in those forms of government where consensus is achieved by reasoned persuasion rather than by autocratic decree, and where political decisions are submitted to the crucible of argument and counter‐argument in the public forum.”

It is unfortunate that someone felt the need to remove my post AllStarLink/Hamvoip GPL Tracker in what can only be characterized as a suppression of free speech and the truth and giving into the whims of tyrants who wish to suppress information unfavorable to them. While it is true that I did not fire the first shot in this online battle with John David McGough I did bring forth a very inconvenient truth for both him and those who support him within our community.

As has been very publicly demonstrated within this subreddit and elsewhere, a campaign of disinformation and deceit has been waged against the likes of myself and others who stand by and up for their freedoms as granted to us not only under the social contracts of the Internet but the Open Source movement and the GNU General Public License (and other open source licenses). The campaign of censorship and misinformation we have witnessed is anathema to the very principles of our hobby and the spark that attracts people to it in the first place: the love of learning, tinkering, socializing, and sharing with others. A campaign of threats, attacks, lies, and misinformation in a very dishonorable and despicable attempt by John David McGough to steal the legacy of the late Jim Dixon (WB6NIL) and take credit for more than what he has given and is due with regards to app_rpt.c and associated AllStarLink programs.

I am indeed saddened by the unabashed displays of greed, ranchor, and pettiness that we have witnessed during presentation of irrefutable facts by, myself and others, and the discourse that has followed.

My fellow hams and curious onlookers this exercise that I have partaken in is not about nor has it ever been about discrediting the contributions that all have made to the AllStarLink software. Be it contributions from credited sources, anonymous sources or even John David himself. For the only way in which our community grows, open source remains viable, and the legacy of the late Jim Dixon is honored is by everyone adhering to the social contract that grants us the freedoms to modify, use, and distribute in source and binary forms copyrighted works licensed by the GNU General Public License. Failure to abide by, or demand others abide by the license which has granted them the same freedoms you and I have, not only diminishes open source and our community, but it also makes us complicit in willingly surrendering the very rights that have been granted and guaranteed to us said license. The willful surrendering of our rights for a few shiny baubles does more harm or our community, open source and tarnishes the legacy of the late Jim Dixon than all the transgressions of the likes of John David and others like him.

I am also troubled when threats are made that result in a chilling affect on free speech especially when it presents what others would find an inconvenient truth. The English Philosopher John Stuart Mill wrote about the chilling effects and danger of limiting expression in what he called “the tyranny of the majority”.

“The peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that is is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.” Mill argued that one can only come about truth through the collision of a true proposition with an erroneous one.

Free speech today is shaped not only by those in the media but also social media influences in the online world. As Mill put it this is “a social tyranny more formidable than many kinds of political oppression .. it leaves fewer means of escape, penetrating much more deeply into the details of life, and enslaving the soul itself”. The tyranny becomes evident when prevailing opinions are challenged in an online forum such as this and uncomfortable questions are asked. The tools arrayed by such tyranny is very much the same social tyranny that Mills warned us against.

By allowing those who would use threats and intimidation tactics as weapons to silence facts and opinions they do like we, we give in to the whims of petty tyrants and embolden them to continue their unacceptable behaviour. Caving to the false bravado of tyrants who wish to silence others is surrendering our freedom of speech and expressions. It prevents the collision of an erroneous proposition with a true one in public for everyone to see and judge for themselves.

I for one do not wish to live in such a world. Do you?

Instead I shall choose to continue my exercise in presenting irrefutable facts and challenging John David McGough at every turn as he continues with his falsehoods.

I use all my fellow hams and curious onlookers to join me in out demands of John David McGough abide by the GNU GPL and social contracts of the Internet and Open Source movements and immeditaly release the source code in the Hamvoip distribution of app_rpt.c and associated AllStarlink programs, that said source code shall compile and be an exact binary match and/or retain full functionality of the versions distributed in the Hamvoip distributions. And that he publicly apologize for his actions, his transgressions against the late Jim Dixon, and others her and elsewhere that he has attacked, threatened, bullied, lied about and to. That he prostrate himself to the community and those he has attacked and ask for their forgiveness for his transgressions, then join forces with others and actively work to heal and grow our community and the AllStarLink software and platform as free for all ham radio operators to use, enjoy and modify.

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This was the closing there but it is edging towards violating the /r/amateurradio subreddit's rules so I moved it here:

So there John Boy David

How do you like THEM apples? I would call you sir but that would be disparaging to those who actually do act like gentlemen and are worthy of such honorifics. Instead John David you have clearly demonstrated that you are indeed swine as you have so clearly stated in your failed attempts at showing intellectual superiority and moral forthrightness by using memes or quotes as found on the Internet.

Since John David has remained in violation of the GPL and has not fulfilled the requirements of the GPL by distributing the source code as both myself and others have clearly demanded here and else where ... I only have this to say to John David for now until more evidence comes to light or he abides by the GPL and publishes the source code to the Hamvoip distribution of the app_rpt.c and associated AllStarLink programs:

Child you had best quit writing checks with your alligator mouth that your mosquito ass can't cash. This here is the real world and children such as yourself are liable to get hurt. Shall I find you a SAFE SPACE so that you can go have a timeout and not feel threatened or bullied when irrefutable facts are presented to counter the fecal matter you constantly spew from that shit hole you call a mouth? Or do you still want to show the world how well you play the fool and give us something to laugh at over tomorrow morning's coffee and pastry?

Intrepid Hams and other curious onlookers. I present to you the irrefutable evidence that the late Jim Dixon (WB6NIL) did wish for AllStarLink to live on as detailed below. Not as something controlled by John David McGough and his questionable business practices but as a free and open source system managed by a team put together by the person Jim's best friend Steve RoDgers had chosen to manage both the future and entrust Jim's legacy to.

Behold, I present to you the following:

Announcement to the app_rpt mailing list regarding Jim Dixon's (WB6NIL) passing and the future of AllStarLink:


[App_rpt-users] Jim Dixon's passing, and Allstar Link transition Steve Rodgers steve at Mon Dec 26 13:58:40 EST 2016

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Hello everyone,

It is with deep regret that my long time friend Jim Dixon passed away on 12/16. I've known Jim since we were teenagers, and our interest in electronics engineering was self-reinforcing for both of us. Jim was a bright and caring individual who really loved socializing with others.

With regard to Allstar Link, Jim did give me access to the servers, and I have been working to transition control to Steve Zingman N4IRS. He will take over management of Allstar Link. We are doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure that Allstar Link continues to be as Jim envisioned it.

In the near term, Steve and his team will create a non-profit entity forAllstar Link. Management of Allstar Link is such that it requires a team of individuals all working together to ensure its long term viability. We currently have atransition team in place running the day-to-day operations, node numbers, etc.

Final note: At this time donations to Jim's Paypal account should not be sent to his account since we don't have control over it. We will set up something soon to handle incoming donations,and will let everyone know when it is in place.

Steve WA6ZFT

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Steve Zingman's (N4IRS) follow up message:


[App_rpt-users] AllStarLink status Steve Zingman szingman at Tue Dec 27 14:17:35 EST 2016

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As Steve posted yesterday, we lost not only a visionary, but a friend to many. I've had many long telephone conversations with Jim over the last year. We covered many topics including moving app_rpt forward.

I have taken over managing the project to continue Jim's work and keep it evolving. The first steps are to make sure everything stays running. This means among other things the node registration services. Without that for all intents and purposes, the network goes down. New users continue to signup and new nodes are getting assigned. This has to continue.

I have put together a group of people that are working to make sure services stay online. We are working towards having more then 1 person responsible for each task. Once we are comfortable with the tasks involved, we can take on the other needs.

As far as the source code is concerned, I have copied the source to github. This will make changes more visible and allow for submissions to be vetted and included. There will be no changes in the short term. The github repository is at

I will make sure AllStarLink survives and evolves.

73, Steve N4IRS

— “Just say no to world domination”

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More information about the App_rpt-users mailing list

Welcome fellow intrepid Ham Radio enthusiasts as well as others!

I've taken the advice of a good fellow on Reddit and decided to indeed start some semblance of a blog on this topic.

Why you may ask?

Easy. I wanted to eliminate as much of the noise, deflections, ad hominem attacks, libel and other unwanted garbage from John David McGough and give you the opportunity to view the evidence here without distractions.

Please note that I shall be linking back to various posts on Reddit and other sites here. This is merely to avoid having to re-type most of what has already been written.

So sit back strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. John David will likely try his best to keep this information as he has attempted with Reddit from being seen by the public.

First we shall provide the links to the relevant posts on Reddit.

AllStarLink/Hamvoip GPL Tracker

This post contains all the main links to other relevant pieces. However John David has tried his best to pollute the information with as he describes it FUD. So we shall provide information here on this blog where he cannot readily reply to it.

— Evidence of GPL violations within the Hamvoip distribution of the AllStarLink app_rpt and associated programs

— The three posts to Reddit which have resulted in John David showing the world how vile of a person he truly is:

AllStarLink Changes

Asterisk, AllStarLink and the curious case of the GPL

Hamvoip users – BEWARE!