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>Updated 12 September 2018

Since someone decided to engage in censorship and removed my post from https://www.reddit.com/r/amateurradio/comments/9a4y66/allstarlinkhamvoip_gpl_tracker/ — This is a verbatim reposting here.

I have been gilded for this and my GPL post under evidence! Thank you kind souls!


This post shall be used to track all the other various posts that we are seeing here regarding the spats, comments, deflections, ad hominem attacks, use of Juris Doctorates obtained from Google University, and the conclusions arrived at and poignant questions surrounding the Hamvoip derivative distribution of AllStarLink.


Hamvoip has been distributing a derivative of the GPL licensed app_rpt.c and associated programs copyrighted by the late Jim Dixon (WB6NIL) for quite some time. Repeated requests for the Hamvoip people to release the source code as required by the GPL have been unsuccessful and in most cases met with heavy resistance and/or flat out attacks.

Hamvoip consists of John David McGough (KB4FXC), Doug Crompton (WA3DSP) and John David's company of Inttek (www.inttek.net) as it provides many of the resources Hamvoip is using.

To date the source code of the Hamvoip derivative of app_rpt.c and associated AllStarLink programs HAS NOT been released as required by the GPL. Instead we have witnessed a very embarrassing public spectacle by John David and others as they stand by the indefensible claim that they do not need to release their derivative code and that the GPL license on app_rpt.c and associated AllStarLink programs is invalid. To date no definitive, irrefutable evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt has been presented by the Hamvoip folks regarding this claim.

Updated 04 September 2018

Message from Steve RoDgers, WA6ZFT announcing Jim's passing and the status of AllStarLink http://lists.allstarlink.org/pipermail/app_rpt-users/2016-December/016078.html

Update from Steve Zingman, N4IRS regarding the transition http://lists.allstarlink.org/pipermail/app_rpt-users/2016-December/016094.html

Updated 30 August 2018

Post history

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Retort by Hamvoip to their closed and highly moderated mailing list – HamVoIP statement for Reddit and Facebook accusations http://lists.hamvoip.org/pipermail/arm-allstar/2018-August/009776.html

Mailing list retort posted to Reddit – HamVoiP statement for all AllStar Link Network users https://www.reddit.com/r/amateurradio/comments/99y25m/hamvoip_statement_for_all_allstar_link_network/

Me picking apart the Mailing list retort before it appeared on Reddit. I later replied to the Reddit posting of it with a link to my original reply. https://www.reddit.com/r/amateurradio/comments/99u2kk/hamvoip_users_beware/e4rp9nj/

Updated 08 September 2018

Replies by John David McGough (KB4FXC) or ones that are attributed to him under what are newly created burner accounts:

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