Welcome fellow intrepid Ham Radio enthusiasts as well as others!

I've taken the advice of a good fellow on Reddit and decided to indeed start some semblance of a blog on this topic.

Why you may ask?

Easy. I wanted to eliminate as much of the noise, deflections, ad hominem attacks, libel and other unwanted garbage from John David McGough and give you the opportunity to view the evidence here without distractions.

Please note that I shall be linking back to various posts on Reddit and other sites here. This is merely to avoid having to re-type most of what has already been written.

So sit back strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. John David will likely try his best to keep this information as he has attempted with Reddit from being seen by the public.

First we shall provide the links to the relevant posts on Reddit.

AllStarLink/Hamvoip GPL Tracker https://bit.ly/2NHivXO

This post contains all the main links to other relevant pieces. However John David has tried his best to pollute the information with as he describes it FUD. So we shall provide information here on this blog where he cannot readily reply to it.

— Evidence of GPL violations within the Hamvoip distribution of the AllStarLink app_rpt and associated programs https://bit.ly/2oz7NYi

— The three posts to Reddit which have resulted in John David showing the world how vile of a person he truly is:

AllStarLink Changes https://bit.ly/2wDhA3b

Asterisk, AllStarLink and the curious case of the GPL https://bit.ly/2C9NWsp

Hamvoip users – BEWARE! https://bit.ly/2PW6oaR